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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 500am  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now. orange county deputies shall trying to figure out what led up to a deadly shooting of a florida mall. it is saturday february 6th. i'm darlene jones. here a live look over downtown orlando this morning. square square is in severe
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temperature have dropped. yes, we're in the like yesterday morning. we'll have the best chance of rain holding off till tonight. but this afternoon, we could deal with a shower or two popping up. so make sure that you have that umbrella ready to go. we have an area of low pressure that is riding in and that will give us a chance for showers till early sunday morning. 46 in ocala. and a couple more 50s than yesterday with 50 in sanford and kissimmee. 65 in cocoa beach and 54 in palm coast. and once the area of low pressure passes through, we'll be cooler. 30% of rain this afternoon and 50% tonight. orange county deputies are investigating a deadly shooting outside of the florida mall. we told you about this story at 10:00 last night.
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critical condition. we continue the live coverage this morning and deputies are still working to figure out what happened there. >> reporter: at this point, they're trying to figure out if this incident was self contained or if they are still searching for a shooter this morning. it happened at the florida mall around 7:30 last night. and the mall was probably packed for a friday night. and the deputies responded to the area near the jc penny store and they found a 19-year- old with a gunshot wound near the store's entrance. and the second victim was found near a car about a hundred yards away the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital and had surgery and is in critical condition and the sec -- the second victim was rushed to the hospital but died. we spoke to the sheriff's office last night. >> we tried to figure out what the relationship with between the two victims.
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this was self-contained or looking for. >> reporter: at this point, the sheriff's office is asking if anyone has any information to call crime line. apparently no one heard gunshots and no one saw anything. but they are reviewing surveillance video to get more information. we're following breaking news in tampa. one person was killed and 7 others injured following a shooting there. it happened about three miles from busch gardens amusement park. the officers have not set if any suspects are in custody. they believe there may have been a disagreement in that club but they did not offer specifics. we'll monitor this story through the morning. clermont police are looking
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person in a parking lot last night around 9:00 last night. the police have in the released the name of the victim. >> there was a car that sped away. it went around the building in the back and then the kid was behind us laying down flat on his face. >> the police don't have a motive at this point for the shooting or the description for the gunman. a white car was seen leaving the area. right now opened police are searching for a miss 12-g -- missing 12-year-old boy. take a look. he was wearing all black with gray shoes and gray and orange jacket. if you see him, the police ask that you call them immediately.
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looking for the person that was involved in a accident. one was a man that cut off his gps. he was last seen near bureaus drive. and the woman that was hurt in the crash was found at a home near the interstate. officials will give an update of the zika virus. the first confirm case was spotted in central florida in the osceola area that brings the total number to 14. all state officials said that the case is travel related and would not tell us the person's gender and age but did say that the person it not pregnant. >> not much you can do. it's a mosquito.
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hope for the best . >> state health officials will give us an update around 2:00. we'll let you know what they have to say on many of our viewers are asking about this virus on our facebook page. go to presidential candidates are getting ready for another debate in new hampshire. and it airs tonight on channel 9. marcy gonzalez reports that the candidates are rallying the votes head of the primary on tuesday. >> reporter: a nice but snowy four reach the undecided voters in new hampshire.
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yet the front-runner canceled his only event. the snow did not deter any bernie sanders supporters, the crowd so big at one event they could not fit inside. >> the mist of a snowstorm you cannot get all the people into the room that says a lot. >> reporter: hillary clinton working to gain her own momentum here. >> i am for you. >> reporter: she said that she is unfaithed by the polls of bernie sanders and him narrowing the gap. hillary clinton has three events in new hampshire today. and republicans are preparing for the debate.
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on channel 9 and get live analysis from channel 9's christopher heath. another former republican candidates is -- candidate is endorsing marco rubio. bobby jindal last night. and rick santorum is also supporting rubio. president obama released the national job report and it looks like the wages are starting to rice. >> this is -- to rise. >> this is the first type it has dipped below 5% in eight years. >> labor department reports hiring has decreased in the past month. only 151,000 jobs were added in january compared to 261,000 in december.
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out what caused a 561-foot dan ryan crane collapsed and killing a man sitting in his car. the winds got worse and it crashed down and smashing several parked vehicles and injuring several people. deputies said that mosh marshal fish he will junior fired a gun in an irs office. the other two people shot are expected to recover. we know how a jacksonville toddler died. he said that he drown in a bathtub.
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hid the body and made up and abduction story. they could not determine the cause of death because they were so decomposed. city leaders in mount dora are searching for five more candidates after firing the manage. four candidates were identified during the meeting on thursday night and their interviews will start next week and councilmembers will need to appoint an interim city manager. parents in lake county are on high alert after school district leaders said their children may have come in contact with a student with a
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he could have come in contact with the students. so far no other students have reported any symptoms and the sick student has not been back to school. one neighborhood said that their trash service is still a mess. the trash and recycle waste has picked up on time but not yard waste. fcc is the hauler in charge of the neighborhood. and we called the company and within two hours, the waste was picked up. thousands of people are expected to stop by the mount dora festival. it starts at 10:00 this morning and you can meet some of the eyewitness news crew there. tom terry will be there
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marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. we're going to deal with gail warnings and small craft advisories. today, it will be about three to five feet for seas and the coastal moderate chop and we're going to see hazardous coastal conditions develop in the next 24 hours so be careful. west to east across our viewing area. the best chance of rain in the villages will come after 5:00 p.m. but we could see a few spotty showers earlier than that and college park and the i-4 corridor will be set up. and then in tightsville along our entire coastline, we'll see a chance of spotty showers during the day and the best chance of rain tonight. and orlando firefighter said that he's concerned that he and others were exposed to aspossess toss. why they were working inside a runed down apartment building
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see that the clouds have increased in the last 30 minutes and they'll continue to move in. we have and area of low pressure that is starting to push in from the west. as the area of low pressure enters into our neck of the woods. it will allow for gusty winds and shower action. first along the coast and then moving inland that we can see on the big picture here. low pressure will move in bringing showers and gusty
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and the guest chance for rain in the area will be tonight after 5:00. but the coastal areas could see showers off and on through the day. and we're in the up 40s and 50s and a couple 60s. so north early winds are still up to 20 miles an hour this morning. and we're going to continue to see some gusty winds as we head into the day, today, and tonight and for our sunday. future track showing 5:00 to 7:00, we continute to see the coastal showers and we'll look at our best chance for rain coming in after 5:00 and then clearing by sunday morning at about 8:00, 9:00. so we're looking at beautiful day tomorrow and the sunshine will be out in full force so a lot of clouds in downtown orlando. and in the 60s by 10:00 and
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the clouds continue to increase. the best chance for showers will come in at 3:00 to 4:00. and then it will be heavier as we head into the overnight into early tomorrow morning. today, 66, clouds increasing and late showers and showers continue overnight tonight and into early sunday morning with a low of 46. and the five-day forecast showing a cooler day tomorrow with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon and the cool stretch really lasting all the way through through the rest of the week. orlando's fire chief has launched an investigation after some of his firefighters were told to clean up dangerous asbestos in an abandoned apartment. one firefighter brought item
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and the fire chief met with the union officials to talk about the situation. >> we are ensuring that the safety of the men and women. >> a predemolition survey revealed that threest building has asbestos materials in areas. and the firefighters and department said they were never notified. last week we told you that this woman has bleach on her body and a man told detectives and she had been in a fight in a nightclub and that is where she came in contact with the bleach and she was found not breathing on the floor of the apartment that she was visiting. a deland couple said that a
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and $6,000 for buyers that never appeared. they said that the company did not deliver what it promised. >> reporter: this timeshare retail office seemed like a way out for a couple december desperate to sell it. >> they told us they would have it sold in 90 days. >> reporter: the company printed the ad and the family heard there were 23 interested buyers. did they ever tell you who the potential buyers were? >> no. when i asked. they told me they could not give them to me. >> reporter: till the couple paid another $3,000 so the company could bring in top prospects and they paid and 90 days later, the company demand a $3,000. >> i wanted to cuss. i was livid.
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another 3,000 when you promised would you sell it for the last $3,000. >> reporter: they said that all buyers' inquiries are provided at no additional charge. comment. what did the company do for the money. >> you can leave right now. >> reporter: most claim that it promised. >> consumer is being asked for a blank check and no proof or evidence that there's going to be any reward in the end. >> reporter: in a written response, the company said it delivered all services and this couple never asked for a refund. >>i think i was a fool to give to them the first time. the company said its add generated more than 500
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buyer. timeshare resales. this is what this hole looked like on 83rd avenue in ocala. and when we asked why it had not filled yet, they said that they had trouble getting permission to work on one homeowner's property. they said that it is finally filled in. how laws in other states are helping drug dealers bring legally purchased marijuana into central florida. if you want more local news at 9:00, turn to eyewitness news
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>> prosecutors want to charge noah bolt passes an adult for a tougher sentence. would he do time in a juvenile detention center and then adult period of probation. and apopka man claiming for self-defense for a deadly shooting in november had his first appearance in court yesterday. but when he went before a judge, he said that he would like to reschedule. he said that he would like to come back after he hires his own attorney. he's being held without bond. dea said they have seized a legally grown marijuana from another state. it was in vacuum sealed inside boxes. agents told us it is worth $100,000. the officials said that the marijuana is legal for
5:26 am
but was set to be set illegally in central florida. enprepares told us that the man received 26 identical boxes since miss november. >> that was scary. all the sudden -- black suvs and trucks. a former marion county deputy has pleaded not guilty to charges of using excessive force during an arrest. jessie terrell is one of five deputies in a case of excessive force against darrell price. he said that he was beaten in 2014. terrell is expected become if court later this month. orange county deputies said
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the missing outside a florida -- one injured after a shooting outside a floor floor -- florida mall. here's a way you can spend your day.
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orange county deputies are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting at a florida mall. marina jurica is in severe weather center 9 and cool to start the day. we're in the 40s. but the cloud coverage is moving in and that is keeping us couple degrees warmer than yesterday. but we'll have to deal with showers today so make sure that you have the umbrella handy. and the closer you are to the coastline is the chance that you'll see the showers off and on through the day today. and the rest of us, as you move further inland could see a few spotty showers this afternoon and the best chance of rain tonight as an area of low pressure tracks along our atlantic coastline. and because of that, it will be
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especially tomorrow when we'll see dangerous rip currents and 7 to 10-foot seas and river intercoastal waters and our beach and boating forecast is deteriorating and is becoming hazardous over the next 12 hours and for the day today, we'll see seas four to eight feet and you'll start to see a big change as we head into tonight and tomorrow through the day. so if you have any plans to head over towards at land it can, keep that in mind. developing this morning orange county deputies are working to figure out what caused a deadly shooting outside of a florida mall. one man is killed and another in critical condition at a local hospital. we're live near the mall this morning. and the investigators are looking at surveillance video in the area it try to piecing together what happened there. >> reporter: the investigators don't have much to go on and they hope that the surveillance video can help. and all of this started around
5:31 am
the deputies responded to the area near the jc penny store after someone called 911-6789 911-6789 -- 911. a second victim was found near a car. the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. the second victim was rushed to the hospital but later died. and we spoke to the orange county sheriff's department last night. >> there was a deputy inside jc pennies at the time. they responded within seconds. anything. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said if you seen anything, please call their crime line. friday night. and they are not sure if the incident is self-contained or
5:32 am
a shooter this morning. we're following breaking news. the police said that eight people were shot at a club in tampa and one of them died. it happened at club range gentlemen's club. officers have not said if any suspects are in custody. and the investigators think there was a disagreement inside the club. and we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates through the morning. university of central florida will bring in a larger victims of a data breach. 63,000 students and staff could be victims of identity theft because of the massive data breach. ucf hired a call center to help. more operators will be on hand saturday and sunday to help decrease the wait times.
5:33 am
property will not allow more people. the department has been in investigating the pastor's work weeks. he believed that he's being silence telling truth that there's no real solution to help the homeless. health officials are keeping a close eye on the zika virus after a cases with confirmed in central florida. the latest confirmed case in osceola county. and that brings the number of reported virus cases in florida to 14. health officials said that the case in osceola county is travel related. >> reporter: when you tell people zika virus is in central florida, you get this reaction. >> i think it is horrible. >> reporter: the florida department of health confirmed the case of the virus in osceola county.
5:34 am
is that the case came from someone who traveled to area. they would not tell us the person's gender or age but did say that the person infected it not a pregnant woman. >> we were aware before we came. >> reporter: this woman is here on vacation from dubai. >> not much you can do. it's a mosquito. stay in the wind and put on essential winds on and hope for the best. >> reporter: osceola county leaders said that the county is, quote, maintaining a heightened state of surveillance by the putting out specific speaks traps that carry the zika virus. the officials will state in
5:35 am
departments. >> we reached out to the orlando. but we have not heard back. we posted more information about the zika virus on line, include what symptoms to look for. you can find that information on links. we're getting a look at affordable care act coverage for the new year. and the u.s. department of health and human services, nearly 13,000 people signed up for health coverage for 2016. 4million of those people are new enroll lees ees. the faa has started cracking down on drones. but some do not think that the pilots safe.
5:36 am
software that will keep the drones from flying in restricted areas or prevent them from flying past and invisible electric fence. and two owners of a strip club are suing a local city. why they say that the ordinance
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we're looking at quite a day. and we'll see the clouds increase and its rain push in. if you're near the atlantic coastline. you'll see the chance for showers off and on through the day today. and pushing this forward to 11:00. you can see some spotty showers inland. but mainly coastline till about after 3:00. and we'll start to see the best chance for widespread heavier rain across portions of poke, and osceola and up the i-4 corridor through 6:00 tonight. and the further you are towards the south, especially southeast, you'll get heavier rain and then some isolated spotty showers for everyone else. and right now, future track 9 is showing the bulk of the showers offshore for tomorrow morning. but we could squeeze out a few isolated showers before it is
5:38 am
much cooler and blustery and sunny. west to east, in of course la, you'll see a -- in of course la, of ocala, you'll have a chance for sure. make sure that you have the umbrella handy just in case. you might be lucky and not see any showers at all. two workers at an adult entertainment club are suing daytona beach shores over the ordinance stop human trafficking. the gentlemen's club has filed a lawsuit saying it puts unreasonable burden on constitutional rights and free speech and freedom of expression. >> when they ignore the larger problem and targets an adult entertainment establishment
5:39 am
cared for, it is more of an execution to censor and harass. >> they are hoping that a federal judge will shoot down the ordinance. and elderly couple was saved from their houseboat as
5:40 am
take a look at these photos posted to the facebook page. the deputies came to a wooded camp in deland with food and clothes for the homeless. they even helped one man change no dry clothe when they found him wet and shivering. three people have jumped into the race to be the next sheriff. he'll be running against eric dietrich who is also a captain with the sheriff's office and wendell bradford. and elderly couple's houseboat is in pieces after it crash into a sea wall thursday night. and the couple was rescued
5:41 am
rescued them and called 911. the police tied a rope to the 42-foot vessel and used a jeep to pull it ashore and then rescued the couple from the boat. >> there's not much left tv now. >> the couple only had minor injuries. but the boat is a total loss. a rocket at cape canaveral blasted off yesterday morning carrying the new satellite into orbit. >> liftoff. >> the launch happened shortly before 8:30 yesterday morning. there was a 60% chance of rain. but the rocket successfully carried the 12th and final military satellite to space. it will improve military signals and commercial aviation. 5:47 and rain on the way.
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today. we'll have a good chance for some widespread spotty showers definitely tonight. radar. and we saw a couple coastal sprinkles this morning. and the clouds increase and giving you a broader perspective here. the coastline. and it will bring showers and gusty winds and deteriorating coastal conditions for us as we head into the next few hours. 40s and 50s leftover. but mostly 50s and a couple 60s in south earn brevard county. -- southern brevard county. and we'll continue the trend with another system that will move in today and tuesday. it will reenforce the cool air through the end of the week next week. and the clouds increase and we'll see coastal showers this morning and 30% rain chance
5:43 am
skies hang on and 50% as we head into this evening and overnight into early tuned morning. so there are the coastal showers as we head into the morning and midday, we'll start to see the chance for the showers to increase, especially as we move into post 5:00 p.m. and everything clearing up nicely for a gorgeous sunday afternoon what does it mean for our temperatures? monday morning, we'll be in 30s in the north earn counties and 40s in the south earn counties after a brief warmup tonight. but a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have a lot of cloud coverage coming in. and we'll see deteriorating coastal conditions, especially boating conditions and gail warning and small craft advisory was issued through 6:00 tonight all day on sunday. and today will not that be great along the coast. 69 in melbourne and in cocoa. 69 in merritt island and 70 in
5:44 am
beach and 62 in ormond and flagler. so it is not going to be a great beach day. we're going see the sunshine return tomorrow. we're going to look at hazardous conditions. tonight 5% rain chance and we'll -- 50% rain chance and the temperatures in the upper 40s and the 50s. and we'll cool back down once the low pressure system moves out of here. and we'll be up in the upper 50s tomorrow and a little warmer on monday before the next cold front comes through tuesday morning and that will bring us back into the 50s for the rest of the week. the orlando magic struggles continues on friday night. sports. if the magic are going to overcome the most difficult schedule down the stretch. magic followed doc rivers and
5:45 am
and i can't jamaal crawford has been a force his entire career. the clippers invited them who invented lob city. and how we do it from long range? and he makes it a two point game. every time they got close, the clippers pulled away. i think everyone misses him. and magic dropped the third straight, 107-93. >> we're 2-15 in the last 17 games. it is not one guy. we're struggling. you got to work ourselves all of it. that is all you can do.
5:46 am
to have something to cheer about and all star weekend. eric gordon was named one of four participants in here yeas dunk contest. he said that vince carter was the player he tried to emulate. he will be dunking in toronto, which was carter's first stop in the nba. >> this is atrium come true. -- this is a dream come true. i've always wanted to be in the dunk contest. it is the highest stage at the highest level . it is awesome. he's got a good gig. yesterday the lions took the day off from training. and took a tour of brevard
5:47 am
launch and did a jersey exchange with an astronaut. >> growing up i dream of being an astronaut. this is good. >> finefully high school soccer, the -- finally, in high school soccer, the girls from -- won. and they will play for the title this afternoon that will do it for sports. have a great day. this is a liver look from our tower camera overlooking downtown orlando. coming up, marina jurica will have another check of your week weather. you can interact with marina jurica and me this morning. you can find us on twitter and facebook this is what is going on around central florida and the weeks ahead.
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